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An Alaska registered agent is a discrete or organization appointed by a business to acknowledge legitimate notification, for example, the administration process and other official business documents. However, an Alaska registered agent must have a registered office in Alaska and keep up normal business hours, guaranteeing that the state has a dependable method of reaching a business.

However, the tax notifications and yearly contract recharges are sent by the state to your Alaska registered agent, who is then liable for forwarding all documents to you.

For your organization’s registered agent service, get Privacy by Default, free mail sending, and neighborhood Corporate Guides just at US Legal Corp.

Alaska State Fees, Rank, Taxes Etc

Individual Tax

Top Individual Income Tax Rate (Does not have an Individual Income Tax)

State and Local Individual Income Tax Collections per Capita ($0)

State and Local Tax Burden (6.5%)

Business Tax

Top Corporate Income Tax Rate (9.4%)

State Business Tax Climate Index Ranking (3)

Sales Tax

State Sales Tax Rate (Does Not Have a State Sales Tax)

Average Local Sales Tax Rate (1.76%)

State Gasoline Tax Rate (cents per gallon) (14.35¢)

Property Tax

Property Taxes Paid as a Percentage of Owner-Occupied Housing Value (1.02%)

State and Local Property Tax Collections Per Capita ($2120)

Reasons Behind Business Owners Choose to Incorporate in Alaska

Tax Credits

At the point when you register another business in Alaska, you will have the option to profit by an assortment of tax breaks that the state offers. Therefore, these tax credits are accessible, relying upon the sort of industry, projects performed, and affiliations. Obviously, organizations should meet all requirements to profit from this. Some of the commonly applicable tax credits include:


  • You can profit by tax credits if you make commitments to Alaska Universities just as licensed Non-Profit Alaska Colleges.
  • The tax credit will help on behalf of the first $100,000, followed by 100% on commitment somewhere in the range of $100,000 and $300,000. The all-out credit permitted every year can be a limit of $5 million.

New Area Development

If your new business is located in Alaska or is operated from outside south of 68 degrees north latitude and the Cook Inlet, then your business will be qualified for tax break every year and can be a maximum of $6 million.

Veteran Employment Tax Credit

If you register another business in Alaska that employs veterans, at that point, you can profit by a credit of $3,000 for disabled veterans or $2,000 for non-handicapped veterans.

Some of the other tax credits, which are industry-specific and you can benefit from, include:

  • Qualified Oil and Gas Service Industry Expenditure Credit
  • Qualified Capital Expenditures
  • Gas Exploration and Development
  • Minerals Exploration Incentive
  • Film Production Credit
  • Frontier Basin Credits
  • Exploration Incentive among others

Loan Programs

You can get a variety of loan programs if you are thinking of registering a new company in Alaska. Some of the most successful and popular loan programs include:

  • Rural Development Initiative Fund
  • Microloan Loan Program for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Economic Development

What Alaska Registered Agents Do? 

Alaska registered agent acknowledges legal documents administration cycle and official mail for your business at a designated location called a registered office.

Therefore, the right registered agent service can do substantially more. At US Legal Corp, we go beyond to ensure you the fastest process, protection, support, and security.

How Do I Change My Alaska Registered Agent? 

Document a statement of Change Registered Agent or Registered Agent Address with the Division of Corporations. The changing structure is accessible immediately if you place an order at US Legal Corp. It’s a straightforward cycle, but if you have more points of interest and specifications, contact us.

How to Order Alaska Registered Agent Service?

Follow the following steps:

Step 1> You sign up online, clicking on one of the buttons or links that says “HIRE US.”

Step 2> We collect the first year of the registered agent service fee up front.

Step 3> For new businesses, we’ll become your Alaska registered agent service once your business registration filing with the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing is complete.

Step 4> About a year later, we’ll send you an invoice for another year of Alaska registered agent service. If you want to keep availing our services, great; if you don’t, you can easily cancel.

Step 5> With offices in every state, we make it easy to add registered agent services anywhere in the country. We don’t give your work or other information to other companies—wherever you are, we are your registered agent.

Step 6> We make your account a real go-to resource for you, not just for Alaska registered agent service or paying a bill but for keeping up with Alaska corporate compliance.

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