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Corporate Filings

Even after your corporation’s establishment, you need to file certain documents with the Secretary of State. Therefore, the businesses need to be aware of the filings they are required to make initially and the periodic filings. However, the requirements vary in different states. For instance, it is vital to file annual documentation to keep corporate status in some states. Moreover, many states also require corporations to keep certain documents within their records and books for a specified number of years. This book presents a guide that discusses a variety of internal records and required filings for a corporate resolution that must be maintained. Businesses can use this guide as a starting point to help with legal compliance for your corporation.


Legal documents are important to file with the Secretary of State. These documents notify other corporations to know that a specific business exists and how they can contact that corporation’s representatives if necessary. Following are some of the required legal documents;
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Stock certificate
  • Annual reports
Perhaps the most important document is the articles of incorporation. No matter in which state you have your business in, filing articles of incorporation is mandatory. This document presents vital information about the corporation, including the representative information, address, name, and purpose of the corporation.


Registering a corporate business also requires specific filings. Filing these documents will protect your business and will help eliminate or reduce the duplication of the products or services. However, the type of protection the business needs will vary by design, service, or product.


The dissolution of a corporation may require additional filing as well. In some states, if the business fails to make the required filings, the corporations dissolve on its own. However, it is generally not a good practice, regardless of where you have your business setup. Therefore, filing articles of dissolution is an ideal way to dissolve a corporation. Many states offer their own dissolution forms that the corporation uses to file dissolution with the Secretary of State or any other entity. You can also avail registered agent services for handling this thing accurately. Commonly a dissolution form demands the following information;
  • Name of the corporation
  • The date of dissolution authorization
  • Date to dissolve adopted by the shareholders
  • Signatures of the corporation’s representative
  • A copy of the corporate resolution to be attached to the articles of dissolution
Other than these filings, it is also important to make sure that is my business name taken or not. 


If you are planning to start your business, you have to seek out local resources to make sure that your business remains on top of the recordkeeping requirements and filings. Sometimes local small business administration resources can offer great help. Other Chamber of Commerce and small business owners can also act as great individuals who can answer most of your questions. Moreover, having a bank of common filings and forms is also a valuable resource.  
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