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As per Wyoming state law (W.S. 17-28-101), business substances shaped with the Wyoming Secretary of State must delegate a registered agent and have a registered office physically situated in Wyoming. The law is based on the thought of fair treatment and the idea that claims shouldn’t have the option to go ahead in court except if a business has been appropriately notified.

Essentially the court framework would not like to find you everywhere within the country. They need an approach to advise each organization locally in Wyoming. Your Wyoming registered agent serves as your business’ legitimate purpose of contact with the state and the lawful world.

For your organization’s registered agent service, get Privacy by Default, free mail sending, and local Corporate Guides just at US Legal Corp.

Wyoming State Fees, Rank, Taxes Etc.

Individual Tax

Top Individual Income Tax Rate (Does not have an Individual Income Tax)

State and Local Individual Income Tax Collections per Capita ($0)

State and Local Tax Burden (7.1%)

Business Tax

Top Corporate Income Tax Rate (Does Not Have a Corporate Income Tax)

State Business Tax Climate Index Ranking (1)

Sales Tax

State Sales Tax Rate (4%)

Average Local Sales Tax Rate (1.34%)

Combined State and Average Local Sales Tax Rate (5.34%)

Property Tax

Property Taxes Paid as a Percentage of Owner-Occupied Housing Value (0.55%)

State and Local Property Tax Collections Per Capita ($2089)

Reasons behind business owners choose to incorporate in Wyoming. 

The following are some of the reasons behind business owners should choose Wyoming State

Freedom from Taxes

  • Not required to pay personal Income Tax
  • Organization tax will not be charged from Corporations. Therefore, this helps in reducing the burden of double taxation.
  • You will not be taxed or asked to pay state taxes on specific items, for instance, food or gas.
  • You will not be imposed estate or inheritance tax in the state of Wyoming.
  • In the state of Wyoming, taxes will not be charged on any type of intangible assets like bonds or stocks.

Tax Exemptions

  • Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption
  • Sales Tax Exemption on Electricity

Advantages of Registering Business in Wyoming State

  • Unlimited stock issuance
  • Limited Liability
  • Minimum Corporate Formalities
  • No Minimum Capitalization

What Wyoming Registered Agents Do? 

Your Wyoming registered agent does the following:

  • The registered agent maintains your company’s contact information, such as names and addresses of members/managers and officers/directors.
  • Receive mail and important legal notices for you.
  • Notifies you when documents are received, and the registered agent forwards them to you.
  • The registered agent informs you when your annual reports are due.
  • The registered agent keeps up your registered office address.

However, the right registered agent service can also be really beneficial. However, at the US Legal Corp, we go above and beyond the minimum to ensure top speed, privacy, support, and security.

How Do I Change My Wyoming Registered Agent? 

You simply join on the web by signing up, and we’ll document the change of registered agent form for you. Therefore, if you simply put a Wyoming registered agent order, we’ll process the change for us. It will take about five days to show up online with the state.

How to Order Wyoming Registered Agent Service?

Follow the following steps:

Step 1> Sign up Online, click on one of the buttons or links that says “HIRE US.”

Step 2> We collect the first year’s fee for registered agent service up front.

Step 3> For new businesses, once your business registration filing with the Wyoming Secretary of State is complete, we’ll become your Wyoming registered agent.

Step 4> About a year later, we’ll send an invoice for another year of Wyoming registered agent service. If you want to keep using our services, great; if you don’t, you can easily cancel.

Step 5> t’s easy to add registered agent services in other states if your business expands. We don’t farm out work or your info to other companies wherever you are, we are your registered agent.

Step 6> We make your account a real go-to resource for you, not just for Wyoming registered agent service or paying a bill but for keeping up with corporate paperwork formalities like the Wyoming annual report.

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