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Business Structure


FBN (fictitious business name) is often the choice of owners as they prefer a separate name for their business than their own. Once the fictitious name is chosen, it is then registered in the country of operation. In its registration, it is registered under the category of fictitious names. This is then followed by opening […]
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business taxation

Business Taxation

Business Taxation means referring to those taxes that businesses must pay as a part of their business deals. Whether you are someone partner, part of a limited liability company, corporation, or a sole proprietor, your business is responsible for following tax regulations. Each type of business has different tax consequences. You have to consider your […]
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Requirements You Need to Know Regarding LLC And Corporation

Before establishing a business, you need to know what type of legal structure you want for it. There are four legal business structures that you can opt for your business. It includes sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, and corporation. Sole proprietorship and partnership are simple and easy to understand business structures but let’s have a deeper […]
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All You Need to Know About Trademark

The digital age has made it even more important to protect your intellectual property. Therefore, it is essential to register your trademark correctly. It puts the rest of the business world on notice that a particular name, word, symbol, and design they intend to use belongs to a registered company. This way, they will automatically […]
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How to Close an LLC or a Corporation?

LLCs and corporations offer the owners of the companies liability protection. This means that the owners of the corporations are not liable for the debts of the company. Still, closing an LLC or corporation is not as simple as it might seem at first. Even when the owners are not liable for the debts personally, […]
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How to Initiate an LLC Based Business?

When starting a business, choosing an appropriate business structure is quite crucial. Why? Because it is the business structure that describes how the company operates. How it turns investments into profits for the owners and shareholders. There are multiple business structures to follow for your business. All these business structures offer some particular advantages to […]
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